Professional sink unblocking services in London

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  • Flexible booking options
  • Available all week long
  • Full coverage of M25 zone
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How to arrange your sink unblocking service

  • Enter your local postcode to begin the booking process.

  • Configure your service and set up all the details.

  • Finalise your booking and expect a prompt visit from a plumber.

Emergency sink unblocking service in London

Our helpful emergency sink unblocking service is available throughout the M25 London area. This means that if you have a problem, you can check our availability and contact us.

Dealing with a blocked sink can be a very unpleasant experience. You might be worried about substantial damage to your property. One more thing to consider is how your sink became clogged in the first place. In all cases, our emergency service will be able to solve your problem.

Basically, we will send an experienced plumber to your property who will take a look at the situation and determine what would be the best course of action to unblock your sink. They come equipped with all the necessary tools and special gear – they will be able to restore the functionality of your blocked sink quickly.

What to expect from our sink unblocking service?

Here is what will happen when you book your sink unblocking service.

#1. A fully experienced plumber will visit your property on the day of the service. Please make sure to provide them with access to the problematic sink.

#2. Let the professional take a look. The plumber will carefully examine the condition of your blocked sink and determine what would be the best course of action.

#3. The professional will get to work, and they will successfully unblock your sink. They might offer you some useful advice on how to avoid such problems in the future.

#4. When all the work is done, the technician will collect their equipment and leave. You will be able to use your sink once again right after the service

Frequently asked questions

The sink drain is slow, what does this mean?

This is usually a sign that there is partial blocking of the drain. It might progress into a full blockage.

Is it dangerous to try to unblock the sink myself?

There are certain dangers, especially if you try to unblock it with chemicals.

How can I prevent sink clogging in the future?

It would be wise of you to prevent solids from falling into it. Also, avoid pouring in any grease and cooking oil.

When can I use the sink after the service?

The drain of the sink will be fully functional so you will be able to use it right after the service.

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